Becoming an Official First Rider yourself or giving the gift to someone is easy. ‘Campaign 2014’ invites 2014 carousel supporters to become ‘First Riders’ of the finished carousel with their donation of $100. Each $100 donor receives 6 ‘First Rider’ tickets for the Carousel. You may use your 6 tickets however you choose. Here are some ideas in case you’re fresh out:

  • The Easter Bunny might use these in baskets along with
  • Bellafina Carousel Chocolates
  • A really creative boss could give a First Rider ticket to show appreciation.
  • First Rider tickets to reward a great report card.
  • A gift for an especially sweet grandchild.
  • A thank you to a thoughtful friend.
  • The Tooth Fairy could slip a ticket under the pillow.
  • Score husband points by giving a thoughtful no occasion gift.

First Rider ticket selling locations: Able Printers, Blue Ridge Property offices (all 3 locations), the Carousel Carving Studio (2nd floor, Lynn View Community Center), the Kingsport Chamber of Commerce, Downtown Kingsport Association, Kingsport City Hall Cashier, and the City of Kingsport Office of Cultural Arts located on the second floor of the Renaissance Arts Center.

For more information, call 423-392-8414.