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Senior Living Guide

6 Powerful Ways To Help Seniors Avoid Isolation

16 Chair Exercises for Seniors & How To Get Started

9 Essential Mobile Device Apps For Senior Citizens

Building The Ultimate Reading Nook For your Home

No Annual Fee Credit Card Article From US NEWS

Medical Debt Resources: Get Help Affording and Paying for Healthcare

Cars, Boats, Planes and More: An Essential Resource Review of Travel and Accessibility for the Disabled

Older Americans Act Programs
General information on the Older Americans Act

Addiction-Related Fraud

One of the scariest things about addiction is that it can make a person do things they never thought they would — and for some, that means committing fraud.

7 Steps To Take If You’re A Victim Of Identity Theft

Information Referral

Transforming Retirement with Extended Life Options
Information on all areas of retirement life, plus recommendations & resources (PDF/162 pages)

How to be a Resilient Caregiver

A resource featuring information & resources for healthy caregiving

Social Security

Social Security Benefits, Finances and Policy Questions: A Primer
A complete guide to all facets of the Social Security program

Retirement Planner
The Social Security Administration’s resources that may be helpful as you plan for the future


Taking the Confusion Out of Buying Medicare Supplemental Insurance
A summary of the various Medicare Supplement options available

Protect Yourself Against Medicare Fraud
How to make yourself & your loved ones safer from Medicare fraud

Stop Medicare Fraud
A joint website through the US Dept. of Health & Human Services and the US Dept. of Justice

SHIP: Get Answers & Assistance with Medicare
A statewide program that provides free and objective counseling and assistance to persons with Medicare questions or problems

Compare Medicare Insurance Plans in Your Area
A free, interactive online resource that allows you to compare insurance plans available in your area


Tennessee Elderly and Disabled Home- and Community-Based Services Waiver (E&D HCBS)
A general overview of TennCare’s CHOICES program, helping keep seniors at home

TennCare Fact Sheet
A fact sheet providing a clear overview of the TennCare program (PDF/2 pages)


What’s the Difference Between Medicare and Medicaid?
A basic summary of the differences between Medicare & Medicaid


About Ombudsmen
What ombudsmen do, and how they advocate for nursing-home residents

Wills / Power of Attorney

Legal Resources for the Elderly
An extensive library of legal topics relevant to senior citizens and caregivers

Financial Services

Senior and Elderly Assistance Programs
Seniors can receive help from a number of assistance programs that specialize in meeting their needs

Estate Planning: The Basics
What happens to your hard-earned savings when you need long-term care?

Tips for Seniors in Preparing their Taxes
The IRS tells you how to avoid common errors with the standard deduction for seniors

SEC: Investment Resources for Seniors
Information and links to help seniors preserve and grow their investments


East Tennessee Veterans’ Groups
A list of East Tennessee’s veterans’ groups, including websites & contact information

Helpful Links for Veterans
A large list of topics and articles of interest to U.S. veterans

Worksheet: Long-Term Care & Support for Veterans
Helpful worksheet when considering your needs and preferences for long-term services and support

Understanding Veterans’ Benefits–A Guide for Seniors
Information on veterans’ benefits as they apply to seniors (PDF/14 pages)

Higher Education Resources for Veterans and Their Families
More than 150 resources to help student veterans and their families

National Organizations

National Organizations
A list of websites for national organizations of interest to seniors

National Nonprofit Disease Organizations
Need reliable information on a disease or condition? Here’s a list of parent organizations

Housing & Long-Term Care

Senior Housing Options
An overview of senior living options & how to determine the right choice for you

Resolving Conflicts Over End-of-Life Care
Helpful tips for making difficult conversations a little easier

Five Reasons It’s Not Time for a Nursing Home
Think it may be time for a nursing home? Maybe. Or maybe not

HUD: Information for Senior Citizens
Financial assistance resources and guides for making the right housing choice

Guide to Long-Term Care in Tennessee
A publication that covers all aspects and options in long-term care (PDF/62 pages)

Protect Yourself From the Three Biggest Types of Homebuyer Fraud

Nursing Homes

Your Guide to Choosing a Nursing Home
Medicare’s official guide to evaluating & selecting a nursing facility.

Nursing Home Compare
Medicare has detailed information about every Medicare- and Medicaid-certified nursing home in the country

Nursing Home Abuse
Know the signs of nursing home abuse, and what you can do to prevent or report it

What Caregivers Should Know About Nursing Home Care
A comprehensive overview of what nursing homes offer, and how to choose and pay for them

Nursing Home Abuse

Assisted Living

Cost of Assisted Living
How to determine your budget & locate financial assistance

Hidden Costs of Assisted Living
Hidden assisted living costs that can affect your financial planning

Assisted Living Resources in Tennessee
Assisted living facilities by city

Find Assisted Living Resources in Kingsport
Locate assisted living and senior housing facilities in Kingsport

Retirement Communities

Questions to Ask When Selecting Active Independent Living & Retirement Communities
Handy take-along booklet with checklists and room to record information when evaluating living facilities (PDF/9 pages)

Study: Best Cities to Retire in Tennessee
Check out these top cities that may be the best places for retirees to put down roots

Adult Day Services

Benefits of Adult Daycare
A general article about another option for caregivers considering adult day services

About Adult Day Care
Information about adult day services & why they may be underused by caregivers

Subsidized Housing

HUD’s Public Housing Program
HUD’s overview page on public housing, with qualification & application information

Home Modifications

Home Modifications for the Elderly
How to plan & pay for necessary home modifications

Home Modification Fact Sheet
Promoting independence and preventing accidents

Preventing Home Improvement Fraud

How to Remodel for Accessibility

Assistive Devices

The Journey Through Caregiving: Assistive Technology and Older Adults
A helpful resource to prepare caregivers to care for an elderly loved one

Mountain Region Speech and Hearing
Assisting with hearing, speech, and swallowing disorders.

Types of Assistive Technology Products
Microsoft’s overview of the types of assistive technology products that help with communication

Gadgets Lend Elderly A Helping Hand
Small changes are enough to keep seniors in homes

In-Home Services / Care

Meals on Wheels Service Can Keep Many Seniors in their Homes

How a simple community service can keep seniors in their homes

Home Care Options for Senior Citizens

An overview of services available for in-home care

TennCare: To Qualify for CHOICES

A summary of the qualification requirements needed to participate in CHOICES

Quality of Life

Social Activities for the Elderly

Ways to stay active and involved after retirement

Senior Citizens Most Involved with Social Activity Least Likely to Become Disabled

Ongoing social activities can reduce the chance of disability by half

Exercise and Physical Activity

Your Everyday Guide from the National Institute on Aging (PDF/124 pages)

Senior Centers

What You Don’t Know About Your Local Senior Center

Today’s senior centers aren’t just for card games anymore

Senior Exercise and Fitness Tips

Health benefits and practical tips to stay active for a lifetime

Senior Centers Fact Sheet

Senior centers have become one of the most widely used services among America’s older adults


How to Find a Job After 60

Five helpful hints for joining or remaining in the workplace

Job Websites for Seniors

Websites that post jobs for seniors and retirees

Church Groups

Religious Activities for the Elderly

Church ministries promote social activity, bible study & fellowship

Lifelong Learning

Continuing Education

ETSU’s programs committed to educating adult learners

10 Inspiring Education Trends Among Senior Citizens

These educational opportunities prove you’re only as old as you feel


Art Therapy: Enhancing the Lives of Older Adults

A comprehensive guide to finding or starting an art therapy program for seniors (PDF/6 pages)

Volunteer Opportunities

Brain Benefit for Seniors Who Volunteer

Johns Hopkins researchers show that volunteering can slow brain aging

Senior Volunteering: When You’re Young at Heart

Important questions to ask if you’re considering volunteering

Senior Corps

Connects today’s 55+ with the people and organizations that need them most

Group Travel

Research and Compare Tour Operators

A list of the most popular senior tour operators and links to their websites

Disability Air Travel Information for Seniors and Disabled

Tips for making air travel easier and more comfortable for seniors

Travel Resources for the Disabled and Handicapped

Great guide for traveling with disabled or handicapped persons

Health & Wellness

10 Essential Health Tips for Seniors

The 10 most important things you can do to stay healthy

Aging: What to Expect

What to expect from your body—system by system—and how to improve it

How to Exercise if You Have Limited Mobility

Healthy Eating Advice For Wheelchair-bound People

Medical Issues

Chronic Diseases and Health Promotion

The CDC highlights four of the most common causes of chronic disease

The Major Killers of Americans: Research and Prevention

A discussion of heart disease, cancer & stroke


Drugs A-Z

A complete database of medications, including their usage & side effects

Support Groups

Support Groups: What They Are and What They Do

Everything you wanted to know about choosing a support group


Funeral Planning Checklist

Helpful guidelines to help you with every detail of planning a funeral

Funerals: A Consumer Guide

Don’t be taken advantage of when planning a funeral. The FTC explains your consumer rights

Wellness Activities

Wellness for Older Adults in Daily Life

Improving wellness in all areas of your life (PDF/4 pages)

The Perks of Growing Older

Programs and services that can help you stay vital and stimulated

Health Centers & Clinics

Definitions of Health Insurance Terms

A glossary of common health insurance terms (PDF/8 Pages)

Selecting a Doctor

What to consider when selecting a doctor


Guide to Choosing a Hospital

Medicare’s official guide to choosing the right hospital for you (PDF/28 pages)

Health Care Institutions—Types of Hospitals

A comprehensive explanation of different hospital types

Hospice Care

Frequently Asked Questions

Common questions about hospice care and the answers you need

What Hospice Costs are Covered by Medicare, Medicaid and Private Insurance?

An easy-to-understand chart detailing services covered by various insurance programs

Medical Equipment & Supplies

List of Device Recalls

The place to check FDA recalls on medical devices & equipment

What You Should Know if You Need Medicare-Covered Equipment or Supplies

The official Medicare guide to covered medical equipment & supplies (PDF/8 pages)

Home Health Agencies

Home Care Services: Questions to Ask

Important questions to ask before hiring a home-health agency

Home Health Care Glossary

Medicare’s list of home healthcare terms and their definitions

Licensed Home Health Agencies by County

Tennessee’s official listing of licensed home-health agencies by county (PDF/95 pages)

Health Department

Tennessee Department of Health: What We Do

An overview of the programs & services offered through the Department of Health

Basic Needs

How to Find Resources for Seniors

An extensive list of resources for seniors, and links to websites of interest

Meals on Wheels Service Can Keep Many Seniors in their Homes

How a simple community service can keep seniors in their homes

Food Pantries

Food Bank Locator: Tennessee Food Banks

A searchable database of food banks & pantries in Tennessee

Senior Health and Nutrition: What Seniors Should be Eating

An easy-to-understand explanation of the nutrition needed to stay healthy

Meals / Soup Kitchens

Free Food for Seniors

An overview of the available options for free meals


Transportation and the Elderly

The issues facing older adults who are losing their ability to drive

Safe Living

Top 10 Technology Devices for Seniors

A review of 10 technologies that can contribute to increased senior safety

Disaster Preparedness for Seniors by Seniors

The Red Cross guide to preparing for a disaster, including an important checklist (PDF/32 pages)

Crime and Older People

How to reduce the risk of crime in all areas of life

Sign Up for Weather Alerts

Sign up for mobile weather alerts in the counties you choose

5 Steps to Help Avoid Fraud

Fraudsters continue to find new ways to separate you from your personal information and your money.

Home Safety

Improving Home Safety for Seniors

A comprehensive list of steps to improve safety within your home

A to Z Guide to Security, Saefty and Prevention

Most Important Tips to Ensure Safety of Seniors at Home

Neighborhood Safety

45 Crime Prevention Tips for Seniors

Crime safety tips to help keep you safe

Neighborhood Watch Manual

The official guide to starting & maintaining a neighborhood watch program (PDF/37 pages)

Reassurance Calls

How To Find a Service To Check on Older Adults

Daily services designed to check in on seniors & verify their wellbeing

Elder Abuse

Elder Abuse and Neglect

Warning signs, risk factors, prevention & help for elder abuse

Searchable Abuse Registry

Searchable Tennessee database to alert you to potentially dangerous healthcare providers

Financial Self-Defense Guide for Seniors

Know the red flags and avoid financial abuse (PDF/32 pages)

Fraud / Scams

Seniors and Telemarketing Fraud 101

A downloadable booklet outlining telephone-based fraud and how to avoid it (PDF/16 pages)

Fraud: 6 Scams Aimed at the Elderly

A quick overview of the most common scams targeted at seniors

Understanding, Identifying and Preventing Telemarketing Fraud

Most older telemarketing fraud victims don’t realize that the voice on the phone is trying to steal their money

FBI: Common Fraud Schemes

Information on common fraud schemes, including healthcare fraud and counterfeit medications

Legal Aid

Identity Theft and Your Social Security Number

How to prevent identity theft & what to do if it occurs (PDF/4 pages)

The Legal Handbook for Tennessee Seniors
An information and reference guide by the Tennessee Bar Association (PDF/341 pages)

Preventing Caregiver Theft

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