The Honey Dewdrops & My New Favorites, September 13

Engage Kingsport Performing Arts Series presents an evening with The Honey Dewdrops on Saturday September 13, 2014 at The Renaissance Theatre in Kingsport, TN.

In the 2012 liner notes to The Honey Dewdrops’ third album Silver Lining, there is a small black and white photograph of six friends, their faces framed by the majestic Blue Ridge Mountains of Catawba, Virginia rising to tangled heights in the distance. This off-the-cuff snapshot offers a glimpse into what inspires husband and wife Kagey Parrish and Laura Wortman. In Silver Lining we feel the presence of the natural world invited back in – unplugged, unvarnished, surrounded by new and old friends, loved ones, fellow troubadours. We mourn the loss of the land in songs like “Hills of My Home,” an elegy to the aftermath of mountaintop removal, and we rejoice and become uplifted in the Townes van Zandt-like simplicity of lines like “Laying low and flying high / Showing where the colors hide / In the space between you and I.” By the end of the record, we become part of a new photograph, we too become “together tied,” to name another one of the indelible tracks off Silver Lining. “Home like water collects us by and by / And reaches over distance / to hold us together tied,” the duo sings. This is the experience of hearing The Honey Dewdrops: to be suddenly pulled out of daily orbits, and brought back down to the enduring truths that reside in kindred people and places.

My New Favorites opens for The Honey Dewdrops.

My New Favorites is the union of five musicians with radically different musical backgrounds. Two of them are classically trained. Two can’t read a note of music. Individually, they play old time, bluegrass, rock, gospel, jazz and classical. Together they are a fusion of all those styles. Speaking of fusion, check out how piano, organ and clawhammer banjo happily coexist on their track, “Got To Have That Giving On Your Mind.” Or the rock and roll accordion solo on “Go”. Or check out the four part harmonies in “Meet Me In The Water” and “Long White Robe.”

For tickets or more information, call Engage Kingsport at 423-392-8414. Tickets are $15 for reserve seating.